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About 24kConnect

We provide all types of development for your business. Whether your company demands a modern website, a custom portal, iOS/Android App, or even setting up your bussiness paperwork and marketing!

24kConnect Hosting & Website Development
24kConnect Hosting & Website Development

24kConnect Develops and Maintains Business Techonology

24kConnect Programming, IT & Business Services

We Connect Technology to Business

24kConnect Programming, IT & Business Services

Get Connected to a wide audience with Marketing & Design

24kConnect Programming, IT & Business Services

Webites, Apps, and Business Automation at your finger tips


Websites, App Development, Registered Agents, Bussiness Fillings, & Marketing

  • Bussiness Fillings & Registered Agents

    We provide all in demand bussiness entity maintainence services including Registered Agents, IRS (EIN), Annual Fillings, and Trademark services.

  • Websites & Apps

    Modern, Reliable, and Innovative. For your bussiness or personal organization.

    Whether you want a snapy and ergonimic website or a comprehensive Client Portal.
    We have you covered.

  • Marketing & Graphic Design

    Get unlimited customer reach with effective marketing and graphic design.

    We supply professional bussiness branding & logo, effective online & in person advertising material, and provide in depth online analytics.

Our team

  • Morad Elbarmil

    As the President & CEO of 24k Connect LLC, I lead a team of software developers and security analysts who provide innovative and safe automation solutions for high-level clients. We leverage our expertise in Discord API, Angular, C#, and other programming languages to create custom applications that suit the needs and preferences of our customers.

    I have over nine years of experience in both physical and cyber security, having worked as a senior software developer at JForce Games and a director of IT security and senior risk analyst at North Eastern Security Force, LLC. I hold multiple certifications from the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, and I graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I am passionate about solving complex security challenges and improving the efficiency and quality of software development.

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